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Issue 7 interview: Eliška Kyselková

Interview by Maria Giorgia Lenzi –

Eliška Kyselková’s Team Spirit series made the Centre Fold in issue 7. I caught up with Kyselková to discuss her practice, which explores themes of the body, religion and fashion through her unique photography and creative vision.

Photographers in Publishing: An Interview with Richard Higginbottom

Photographers in Publishing is a series of interviews that aim to gather insights from those who balance making and publishing photography.

Interview by Bertie Oakes –

In this interview, Richard Higginbottom discusses his passion for collaboration within photography and reveals the unique ethos behind founding up-and-coming independent photobook publisher, Tide Press.

Team Loupe: Alex Ingram

Team Loupe is a series of interviews with the photographers behind Loupe Magazine.


Interview by Maria Giorgia Lenzi

Selected as a runner up for Photograd x Loupe competition, Fiona Filipidis shares why she undertook her research on bees, why she photographed her favourite houseplant and how she turns collected images and objects into photography.


Interview by Álvaro Martínez García

I spoke with Sophie Barbasch, one of the runners up of the Photograd x Loupe competition, about her most recent project Fault Line. She documents the idiosyncrasy of her own family, using her ability as an artist to navigate through her own past.

Issue Six Interview: Michael Whelan

Interview by Ng Hui Hsien –

A cartographer-turned-photographer, Michael Whelan has his hands full. In Issue Six we featured his project Fragments, and I recently spoke to him about his upcoming exhibition, his exploration of photography and sculpture, and robots.

Loupe x Photograd Competition Runner Up: Lorenza Demata

Interview by Scarlett O’Flaherty –

Loupe Magazine recently collaborated in search of new photographic talent with Photograd, an online platform supporting recent graduates. Overwhelmed by the high quality of submissions we decided to highlight the work of three runners up, each having a feature with Photograd and an online interview with Loupe.

I chat to Italian born photographer Lorenza Demata. The visual artist explores the notion of identity in the contemporary migratory context through her series It all started when some of us left the country.

Issue 6 Interview: Sara Bradford, Sister of Melanie Eclare

In issue six we featured After the Fire by Melanie Eclare, who sadly passed away in 2016. Another of Melanie’s series, Pandora’s box, was not widely seen, so we’ve given it a platform online. I took the opportunity to talk with Sara Bradford about her sisters thoughtful approach to photography. 

Photographers in Publishing: Steve Ryan

Photographers in Publishing is a series of interviews that aim to gather insights from those who balance making and publishing photography.

Interview by Victoria Cagol –

I virtually sit down with Steve Ryan, founder of Root+Bone magazine, a quarterly publication offering insights to London’s food and drink culture, to ask him a few questions on his career as food photographer and his later move into print.

Interview Chain: Joe Pettet-Smith x Tim Palman

Interview Chain is a series from Loupe. The concept is simple; a photographer interviews another photographer of their choice, who in turn does the same, creating a string of conversations around contemporary photography.